The RNC has wasted many opportunities to make progress in winning elections. Recent national leadership, Ronna McDaniel, left the party leadership after failing to win the last several national elections. She was not getting the job done. Numerous scandals and stories of wasted funds have dominated the news cycle. My opponent supported her even when this truth was apparent. We need to be as tactical as the left or better. We have a better message than they do but the people who need to hear it are not hearing it. We shouldn't have TPUSA – as great as they are – having to do the job of the RNC in Arizona and Wisconsin. We need new ideas and a new plan. We already have grassroots organizations out there, like Scott Presler, who are showing us how it’s done.

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The RNC needs to grow a spine. Our platform is phenomenal, and it should be defended. We need to stop cowering in fear and apologizing when we are attacked by lies in the media. We need to stand firmly, loudly, and boldly against the leftist ideology that is destroying America. Our party’s message needs to focus on ensuring our constitutional rights, taking a stand for family values, protecting innocent children, and stop pandering to corporate interests.

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We need fewer lawyers and people who are loyal to their big donors and more people who understand what it is like to show up to work every day. The consultant and country club class runs the RNC, and they’re out of touch with the vast majority of Republican voters, especially the large influx of Trump-supporting working-class folks. We need to think 2024 and beyond so that we can sustain a grassroots organization that will continue to give a voice to the people, not the special interest few. Democrats care about the issues of their base, for better or worse. Sadly, the Republican donor class almost seems to have disdain for theirs. Instead, we need to activate low-propensity voters to our side by supporting their issues and attracting them as small donors.


I’m a native of Linton, ND, where I grew up on the family farm. A child during the drought years of the 1980s, I remember the hard times– the stress my parents were under. I witnessed what hard work looked like, and even though my parents struggled, us children were always made a priority and were provided for. My parents always made sure we had shoes on our feet and food in our bellies. Some of the most important lessons and mentors of my life were from my wrestling years in high school. I learned what we can accomplish with hard work, determination, persistence, and most importantly, faith in God. In Life, we need to pray like it all depends on God and work like it all depends on us.

In graduate school, I was a part of a group of 7 students who recognized the need for entrepreneurial training. Together through our student initiative, we started the Palmer Center for Business Development which helped to educate students on business principles..

At 180 Health Solutions, we have evolved from a nerve-based, holistic chiropractic clinic, into a full-on multifaceted clinic where we find and correct the many triggers that lead to disease.

At our clinic, we believe our Creator made the human body perfectly. If the human body is not expressing health, that is because there are stressors leading the body away from optimal health.

Our society today is ill – our culture is lost, our national debt is crippling, America’s role in the world is declining, and our freedoms at home are crumbling. Like with any health problem, to truly heal it, we need to identify and address the root cause. Otherwise, we are simply chasing symptoms. That’s what we get from unprincipled leaders who lack the vision, courage, and willingness to make the tough decisions to lead. Leaders who bend the knee to special interest groups and make decisions based on whether it will get them ahead or not, instead of making decisions based on discernment and what is good for their constituents.

Just like with God’s perfect Creation, the answer is all around us and within us. We know that truth and dedication to principles will lead our party, our state, and our nation onto sound footing again. America’s principles and values are stronger than the self-serving whims of the current regime in Washington, D.C.

Early on in the pandemic, we recognized the government response to the COVID-19 pandemic for what it was – a power grab by global powers, made possible by unwise federal bureaucrats and weak Governors. Emergency powers were abused to permanently weaken the division of executive, legislative, and judicial branches. It usurped power from the states and further centralized it to the federal government. It allowed a foothold and we saw our public servants pledge allegiance not to the United States of America but to the World Economic Forum and WHO’s unelected dark entities and their twisted goals and objectives, which are now in plain view. It brought in new terms like “disinformation”, which are simply facts that are inconvenient to a sinister agenda. However, it also exposed the weaponization of the US government in influencing elections through backdoor agreements with social media conglomerates to censor and manipulate the election and the pubic sentiment around lockdowns. We are witnessing a massive shift AWAY from mainstream media, to a new class of journalists and podcasters who dive into important issues and are willing to hear both sides, ask tough questions, and call out lies and deceit, something that had been disappearing at an extremely rapid rate.

I was one of the few doctors to speak out against these lockdowns. This compelled me to become more involved politically. My main concern is the health and well-being of my family, friends, patients, and our community. Reluctantly, I saw no other choice but to get involved in politics. The people needed a voice when way too few people were giving them one.

During the pandemic, we all saw firsthand how the dominance of certain powers within society compelled us to forgo many of our fundamental freedoms. We saw the systematic bullying of innocent people over their private healthcare choices. Churches, schools, and private businesses were shut down by authoritarian governors. Healthcare practitioners were put on gag orders and threatened with their jobs and their licensure if they broke from the accepted agenda.

I realized then and there that we cannot allow weakness on the Republican side to cause us to fail to offer an alternative to the people. Whether we like it or not, the dynamics of political power in the United States rests between the Republican and Democrat parties. The extreme Left’s stranglehold on the Democrat party and their open disregard for fundamental notions of individual rights and due process guarantee there is only one clear path to save America in the short term. We need leaders of conviction to lead the Republican National Committee with boldness, courage, and conviction, and to offer a true counterbalance to the left’s grip on power.

The RNC needs fewer members who are lawyers and lobbyists and make money off of their connections simply due to their position. It needs more people like us, like you and me. We need grassroots people who are not dependent on the political system itself. We need leaders who care about the family unit and have the backbone to stand up for it, even if it means taking the arrows. We need leadership that will listen to the people they represent and serve.

The RNC needs fewer individuals who are climbing the political ladder for their self-interest, and more people like me, who felt compelled to take on this volunteer position out of a sense of duty to We the People.

Thank God we are seeing this makeover of the RNC all over the country. If you want to influence this change in our party here in North Dakota, please vote for me at the NDGOP State Convention on April 5th.

If you want someone who firmly believes our system of government, including the Republican National Committee, is bottom-up, not top-down, I would be honored to have your vote and serve you.

Lastly, I will be a part of the new-and-improved RNC body laser-focused on electing Donald Trump as our 47th President!

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